Hillingdon progress CIL plans

Hillingdon Council have moved forward plans for charging a ‘levy’ to developers wishing to build in the borough.

The Uxbridge Gazette reports the council has decided at a cabinet meeting to engage consultants to draw up a plan for how to implement the levy, as all councils must do by 2014. Hillingdon’s own Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) will be a source of funding for future growth.

The reason behind the move is the impending changes to the rules on Section 106 agreements. From 2014, councils will no longer be able to pool money together from more than five projects at a time, and must all implement a CIL system. 

The council also say that the CIL will be positive for developers, in that they will be told up front how much money will be required. However, there will be less scope for developers to renegotiate payments if a project loses economic viability.

The council has approved the following “next steps”:

  • to appoint consultants to undertake the relevant technical work, including the preparation of the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule, the accompanying economic viability assessment and to update the SIP as appropriate.
  • Twin track the production of the LDF and charging schedule.
  • Set up a Council working group to agree the implementation of CIL, including the mechanism to collect, monitor and spend borough wide and Mayoral levies

Hillingdon are not the only council working towards the new rules, London borough of Redbridge are currently consulting on charging developers £70 per square metre, which Hillingdon have described as a ‘useful benchmark’ to begin their research. 

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