Hillingdon opens Part 2 consultation

LB Hillingdon has opened consultation on Part 2 of its Local Plan.

The Council’s Cabinet has agreed to a programme for preparation of Part 2 of the Local Plan. This will comprise draft proposals for detailed local Development Management Policies, a set of Site Specific Allocations and a Policies Map for the borough, which will eventually replace the existing Hillingdon Saved Unitary Development Plan and Proposals Map.

The policies and proposals to be contained in Part 2 will be required to be in general conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Plan and Part 1 of the Hillingdon Local Plan, adopted in November, 2012.

The Council is inviting representations on the content of the document. The proposed scope of the Council’s content for Part 2 of the Hillingdon Local Plan can be found here.

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