Hillingdon lose HS2 challenge

Hillingdon Council have lost their latest legal challenge to HS2, as Boris gives the scheme only conditional support.

The council, along with HS2 Action Alliance, brought an action saying that a Strategic Environmental Assessment was required before land could be safeguarded, and had not been done.

The Court of Appeal disagreed and dismissed the challenge.

Meanwhile, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has said he is against HS2 unless certain conditions are met, mainly an extension to the tunnelled section so as not to disturb his prospective parliamentary constituents in Uxbridge.

The connection to the HS2 spur planned to Heathrow needs to be above ground, which has determined that the tunnelled section from central London ends after Ruislip. The Mayor is still backing the Estuary Airport scheme, and the closure of Heathrow, despite the Davies Commission ruling it out. However, he can see a connection between his desire to close Heathrow and to tunnel HS2 through his prospective constituency. In a pre-election campaign address in the constituency, Boris said: “Defeat the need for the Heathrow spur and the tunnel can then go beyond Harefield. My support is also conditional on a suitable direct link to HS1.”

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