Hillingdon Labour lose pro-Heathrow motion

heathrow control tower sunsetHillingdon Council has voted against a suggestion from the minority Labour Group that they should recognise the need to protect the thousands of jobs that Heathrow Airport provides.

The motion from Labour Group Leader Peter Curling was roundly defeated in a full council meeting by the majority Conservatives, who back their leader’s vision of a Hillingdon without an airport. The Labour Group, while opposed to expansion, value the jobs that are provided by the airport, and regard plans to replace them as fanciful. Like Hounslow Council they favour a ‘better not bigger’ Heathrow.

Various reports have put the job losses from the closure of Heathrow at between 76,000 and 250,000. Hillingdon Council support the Mayor of London’s vision where Heathrow is closed and these jobs are replaced by unspecified industries moving in to new commercial accommodation on the redeveloped site of Heathrow.

The Labour group said in a statement: “We are totally against expansion at Heathrow but we could not vote for the loss of 70,000 local jobs that closing Heathrow would result in.”

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