Hillingdon Chamber survey backs Heathrow

A survey conducted by Hillingdon Chamber among its members has come out in support of expansion at Heathrow.

The members who responded were a small sample of the total membership, but they voted two to one in favour of allowing expansion at Heathrow, saying it was important to business in West London that Heathrow remained the UK’s hub airport, and stayed in the premier league of international airports.

Although not all of them by any means were businesses that depended on the airport, or were even closely related to aviation or logistics, they recognised the value to the local economy that Heathrow plays. Two thirds supported expansion while only just over half said Heathrow’s presence was a factor in their location.

Most felt that closure of the airport would have an adverse effect on business, with some noting the likely knock-on effect into the property market, with reduced demand for commercial and residential property likely following a migration of jobs to a new airport.

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