H&F unveils Beacon

Hammersmith & Fulham Council – in partnership with the Hammersmith Business Improvement District – has unveiled their second installation of public art at the town hall.

Entitled ‘Beacon’ the new public installation was created by artist Nicolas K Feldmeyer and is on show in the atrium of the town hall extension. It’s made from 396 lengths of string – which laid end-to-end would span four kilometres.

“We are determined to make H&F the most progressive borough for the arts in London,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.

“And while H&F is already a cultural leader with institutions such as the Bush Hall and Fulham Palace on our doorstep, we hope our public art installations bring a bold new dimension to Hammersmith.”

Patricia Bench, director of the Hammersmith Business Improvement District, said: “We are proud to sponsor the Beacon in continued support of the council’s art strategy. Culture is a key part of our mission to make Hammermsmith a more attractive place to live and work.”

Installed in the glass-enclosed atrium, Beacon features a lit-up pyramid of hundreds of strings. It’s a site-specific piece created by Saatchi-prize winning artist Nicolas K Feldmeyer.

The ‘H&F Presents…’ installations aim to transform the landscape of the borough through a series of temporary site-specific exhibitions.

The inaugural work was from acclaimed artist, poet and cultural agitator Robert Montgomery.

The new installation is the second in a quarterly programme of exhibitions in the borough. But the series will not be confined to Hammersmith Town Hall with plans to expand to different corners of the borough with a variety of different artists and methods.

It comes after H&F Council unveiled its new arts strategy last year after a series of consultations and public meetings with residents and industry experts.

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