H&F renegotiates

Hammersmith & Fulham Council say they have netted an extra £50m so far in renegotiated development deals since coming to power last year.

They say they intend to spend the money on delivering 231 new affordable homes, increasing council-funded police officers, investment into the arts and other infrastructure improvements.

H&F Council Leader, Cllr Stephen Cowan, said: “We were not prepared to accept these deals as they were and believed we had a very good chance of negotiating more – which I’m pleased we were able to do.

“We see such negotiations in the context of always needing to deliver the best possible deal for residents – in this case providing more genuinely affordable homes and more police while facing the sixth year of austerity cuts from central government. We will always do that.

“While we are keen to work positively with developers, they need to always know that we’re absolutely determined to put the needs of our residents first and, if they can’t accept that, there are plenty of other boroughs for them to develop in.”

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