H&F Local Plan aims high

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has set a 50% target for affordable homes in its new Local Plan.

The plan, approved in January 2o18, sets out the council’s vision for the borough to 2035. Specifically, it includes the target of at least 50 per cent of all new homes being “genuinely affordable”.

“Increasing our supply of genuinely affordable homes is a challenge which we will not shy away from,” said Cllr Andrew Jones, H&F Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration.

“We care about our residents and want them to be able to afford to stay in the borough. That’s why it is our vision for the future that no one is left behind during this period of strong economic growth in H&F.”

The council has also pledged to build 19,800 new homes – particularly family and genuinely affordable homes to buy or rent, which meet the needs of local people.

The Council says it has recently secured agreement for the largest number of genuinely affordable new homes in 10 years, from a number of developments across the borough. These include plans to build 30 new homes by redeveloping the council-owned Fulham North Housing Office and adjacent car park.

A further 133 affordable homes are planned for the Clem Attlee estate in Fulham at Edith Summerskill House.

The Local Plan sets out that 60 per cent of all affordable housing should be at social or affordable rent level and 40 per cent at intermediate level and offered to households who cannot afford to buy and/or rent homes on the open market.

It also says the council will receive affordable housing contributions on all developments with 11 or more homes.

Regeneration will focus on four parts of the borough: White City, Hammersmith, Fulham and South Fulham and will also prioritise improving training and job opportunities for local residents.

Also, all major business development schemes will be asked to provide affordable office space.

Also included in the local plan are measures to resist the loss of pubs to higher value uses; working against high concentrations of betting shops, pawn brokers and payday loan shops; limiting the number of takeaways near schools; and making the borough greener to help tackle air quality issues.

The new policy is expected to come into effect on 28 February.

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