H&F launches housing consultation

Hammersmith & Fulham Council has launched a consultation on its draft housing strategy, which expresses a desire for 40% affordable on housing developments in the borough.

The draft strategy seeks to explore the appropriate level of affordable housing delivery, homelessness prevention, and the protection of private tenants from rogue landlords.

The council has created a commission to consider how to devolve management of council housing to local residents, which includes looking at a stock transfer option.

“We want truly affordable homes in the area and to help hard-working residents rather than cater for overseas developers,” said Cllr Lisa Homan, H&F Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing.

“New genuinely affordable housing supply is a high priority for us. H&F hosts five large regeneration areas and other sites that could deliver more than 1,000 homes annually for the next ten years. We want at least 40 per cent of those homes to be affordable. Meeting this target will mean working closely with resident groups, housing associations and progressive developers.”

The draft strategy calls for the council to re-establish good working relationships with local housing association partners, as they will have a significant responsibility for delivering new affordable housing and already own and manage as much housing as the council in H&F.

The council will also be looking at its approach to allocating affordable housing in the borough and improve its approach preventing homelessness by working with the voluntary sector and housing associations.

The council is also considering ways that it can improve the quality of private rented housing in the borough, which makes up the largest portion of H&F’s housing market. It is considering a private landlord’s charter and other measures to improve the quality and management of the private rented sector.

“With an economic climate that continues to look uncertain, the challenges for affordable housing are great, but the large regeneration areas in the Borough also offer enormous opportunities. We look forward to people’s views on our proposed approach,” Cllr Homan said.

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