H&F airport commission reports

The Hammersmith & Fulham Commission on Airport Expansion (HFCAE) has reviewed the shortlisted options for increasing airport capacity proposed by the Government’s Airports Commission’s final consultation and published its report.

HFCAE is made up of local residents. The draft response says the “limited economic benefits” for the borough would be outweighed by additional noise and congestion.

The commission does identify potential benefits from Heathrow Airport’s proposed mitigation and calls for these to be delivered as soon as possible, with or without Heathrow expansion.

The report concludes that, although there would be some economic benefits from expansion, the outweighing concerns led a majority of residents who expressed an opinion to HFCAE to oppose the plans.

HFCAE chair and longstanding Hammersmith resident, Christina Smyth, said: “The Hammersmith & Fulham Commission concluded that, while there will be some economic benefits and increased travel opportunities, a new runway at Heathrow would be bad for residents with regards to aircraft noise, safety, public transport, traffic, air quality and health.”

No mention is made of the potential negative effects on the borough should Heathrow close.

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