Heseltine enters aviation capacity debate

Lord Heseltine has used the occasion of the publication of his report into economic growth to encourage the Government to make an early decision on new runways around London.

If the decision is delayed until 2015 it risks damaging Britain’s growth, Lord Heseltine told The Times.

“There is an unavoidable need for a decision,” says Lord Heseltine. He added that Sir Howard Davies should be asked for his recommendations in 2013, so the Government can make an “indicative decision”.

The report – No Stone Unturned in Pursuit of Growth – which Lord Heseltine was asked to compile by Chancellor George Osborne, makes a number of recommendations for encouraging growth in the national economy, including pooling £50 billion of public money currently spread across Whitehall into a single pot so that it can be bidded for by cities and regions, as well as changing visa rules to help businesses hire foreign graduates.

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