Hendon FC squatters cleared

Romanian squatters – around 70 of them – have been cleared from the former Hendon FC football ground.

The joint operation between the Police and LB Barnet has cleared the squatters from the makeshift huts they had been living in.

Councillor Dean Cohen, Cabinet Member for Environment at Barnet Council, said: “Today’s raid is the culmination of several weeks of close cooperation between the leaseholder, Barnet Council, the Metropolitan Police, homeless charity Thames Reach and the Romanian embassy.

“This is suburban London and several residents have raised the issue of the squatters with me. This is knocked together accommodation with no sanitation and the inherent health risks that brings.

“I am very pleased the police, the council and others have worked together to clear the area and reconnect the squatters with their home country. I’d like to say a particular thank you to the Romanian embassy who have walked a very careful line between the responsibilities they have to their citizens and the understanding that this kind of squalour has no place in London.”

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