Heathrow ups compo ante

heathrow plane over lakeHeathrow has announced plans to extend its property compensation scheme should an additional runway be built at the airport to include 3,000 homes not subject to CPO.

In May the airport announced plans for 25% above unblighted market value compensation for 750 homes that would be subject to compulsory purchase. Heathrow is now proposing to extend this offer to cover homes that will be in close proximity to a new runway but will not be compulsorily purchased.

Under the improved scheme, residents living in communities close to a new runway will have the choice to either remain in their home or sell their home at 25% above unblighted market value once the new runway is under construction.

Homeowners in Poyle, Colnbrook, Brands Hill, Harmondsworth, Sipson, Harlington and Cranford Cross will be covered by the improved scheme. Properties in Longford and parts of Sipson and Harmondsworth are covered by the previously announced compulsory purchase area scheme.

Where Heathrow purchases a property from a homeowner it will refurbish and sound insulate the property before reselling it on the open market. The airport say this will give those people who want to leave the area the option of doing so but ensure those who remain still live in a functioning community.

Approximately 3,750 homeowners’ properties would be eligible for compensation under the revised scheme.

John Holland-Kaye, Heathrow’s Chief Executive said: “Our proposals for expansion at Heathrow have been developed with input from local communities. We are committed to treating people fairly. People told us that we should extend our offer to local homeowners living close to the airport, and we have listened.”

“Now we want to work with local communities to ensure that local people secure the jobs and growth that expansion at Heathrow will bring.”

The offer is subject to regulatory approval by the CAA.

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