Heathrow to introduce private hire waiting area

From June 2016, private hire vehicles waiting to pick up Heathrow passengers will be offered parking in a dedicated, onsite-airport facility, a move which should ease congestion on raods around the airport.

This new Authorised Vehicle Area (AVA) will initially operate on a trial basis. It aims to prevent private hire vehicle drivers driving around or sitting in local roads waiting to be booked.

Heathrow has also been working with some private hire operators to introduce a online system in conjunction with the AVA, in order to ensure they only receive notifications for jobs at the airport if they are using the AVA.

Heathrow will improve how private hire vehicle drivers serve passengers, by introducing a new code of conduct for private hire operators and their drivers. The airport is working with councils, including Hounslow, Transport for London and the Metropolitan Police to enforce existing Heathrow byelaws, with increased policing of forecourts and the picking-up of passengers.

Councillor Richard Foote, Cabinet Member for Community Protection, Hounslow Council, said: “We welcome these new initiatives as it will mean less intrusion to residential roads around the airport but also offers a high-standard service of which I am sure passengers, including local people can make great use of.”

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