Heathrow responds to R3 delay

In the wake of the Goverment’s further delay over the decision on how to expand the UK’s avitation capacity, Heathrow has said that it has full confidence in its new expansion plan and pledged to work with Government to deliver Britain the hub capacity it needs within “tough environmental limits”.

The Government’s announcement followed the unanimous and unambiguous recommendation of the Airports Commission this summer after a two and a half year, £20m study – the deepest ever into UK aviation capacity. The Commission confirmed that expanding Heathrow would have the biggest economic benefits for the UK and can be done while reducing noise for local communities and within EU air quality limits.

Heathrow say that the delay, to look more at the environmental impact and mitigation, means that the Government are still working on expanding Heathrow, and that expanding Heathrow would give Britain up to 40 more long haul destinations, such as Wuhan, Osaka and Panama City, making it the best connected country in the world. It would also more than double the number of domestic routes served, ensuring every region and nation of the UK can get to global markets and, increase cargo capacity, supporting Britain’s exporters. This will result in up to £211bn of economic growth, 180,000 jobs and 10,000 apprenticeships spread across the whole of Britain.

Expansion of Heathrow is backed by business, trade unions, and airlines, as well as many politicians, as the best solution to Britain’s aviation capacity crunch. Supporters include the CBI, BCC, chambers of commerce across the country, Unite, the GMB, 37 British airports and airlines such as easyJet, which plans to operate from an expanded Heathrow. Independent polling has also shown that expansion has strong support in local constituencies.

Heathrow says it is confident that its plans meet tough environmental conditions and will move into the delivery phase. Logistics hubs are already planned across the UK, notably in the Midlands, the Northern Powerhouse and Scotland.

Heathrow say this news will put in motion billions of pounds of contracts for British companies, including SMEs, to deliver the largest privately financed infrastructure project in the country.

John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport said: “The Airports Commission, announced by the Prime Minister three years ago, made a unanimous and unambiguous recommendation in June for Heathrow expansion.

“Our new plan will connect the whole nation to global growth while providing opportunities for the local community and making Heathrow the most environmentally responsible hub airport in the world. I am confident we can meet tough environmental standards.”

“We have support locally and nationally from politicians, business, trade unions and the aviation industry for Heathrow expansion. Let’s get on and build a better future for Britain.”

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