Heathrow pledges for local neighbours

In a keynote address at the 2016 Responsible Business Summit, Heathrow CEO, John Holland-Kaye, announced five new pledges to the airport’s local residents promising to deliver economic benefits for them with expansion and being a better neighbour with or without expansion.

The Airport say the five pledges highlight work already underway and also point to the airport’s ambitions in the future if it is allowed to expand.

Heathrow’s five pledges are:

  1. Help our communities prosper by providing up to 40,000 jobs, training opportunities and careers to benefit local families with expansion.
  2. Be a good neighbour meeting tough environmental and noise limits and air quality rules, enforced by new independent regulators.
  3. Tackle local traffic congestion by investing in local transport projects that put Heathrow at the centre of a new integrated bus and rail transport system.
  4. Work together with local businesses, helping them make best use of the national asset on their doorstep and investing in the local economy.
  5. Build a lasting legacy for future generations, in partnership with local schools, colleges and universities.

Mr. Holland-Kaye presented the manifesto for local people in a panel alongside Telefonica UK’s CEO Ronan Dunn, and it formed part of their discussions around how companies build trust for their business.

Heathrow CEO, John Holland- Kaye, said: “If we are all to benefit from a stronger UK economy, Heathrow expansion is the right choice. But to expand, we need our local people to trust us to deliver the promises we make. We are already taking steps to deliver these pledges and we are happy to be held to them. They point to a more ambitious vision for the airport – one which sees Heathrow as a better neighbour at the centre of thriving West London and Thames Valley.”

Last month, Heathrow says it cleared the way for the Government to support its expansion proposal by meeting and, in most cases, exceeding the conditions set out in the Airports Commission’s recommendations for Heathrow expansion.

Garry Phillips, Chief Executive Officer at Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College, said: “We welcome the pledges that Heathrow have made to the local community. Our students are already benefitting from work experience placements, jobs fairs and regular input to courses by the airport and their partners.

“Heathrow’s commitment to working closely with us and other educators to inspire and engage people will ensure West London and the Capital as a whole has a secure future, increasing prosperity for generations to come.”

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