Heathrow makes fast start to year

Heathrow has made a record start to 2018 with passengers and trade flowing through Heathrow soaring to record highs.

Heathrow also climbed the global airport rankings coming in as the seventh best airport in the world and retaining the top spot in Western Europe for the fourth year running at the annual Skytrax Awards.

The Airport says passenger satisfaction is at its highest level, supported in Q1 by investments in winter resilience which kept the UK’s hub open during what they describe as one of the worst winters in recent years. They say they did this while delivering lower operating costs per passenger.

Lower operating costs per passenger and higher retail spending resulted in strong revenue growth of 3.8% to £680 million and increased Adjusted EBITDA by 5.2% to £402 million. Underpinned by a successful financing strategy that raised over £350 million in global markets.

Heathrow says it is aiming to lead the aviation industry in cutting single-use plastics, the first step of which is Heathrow’s plan to recycle up to 13.5 million of the single-use coffee cups used at the airport annually.

Also in the first part of 2018, the northwest runway project was backed, with conditions, by the Transport Select Committee and thousands of people participating in Heathrow’s first planning consultation. Parliament is expected to vote on expanding Heathrow this summer, with the latest polling showing 75% of MPs back the project, say Heathrow.

John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive Officer of Heathrow, said: “We’re delighted that passengers are choosing Heathrow in record numbers – it’s is a strong signal that we’re delivering value for money. We’re within touching distance of Parliament voting on expanding Heathrow and now more than ever we’re committed to developing and delivering a hub airport that Britain can be proud of for generations to come.”

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