Heathrow launches R3 support tool

Heathrow Airport has launched a tool to help people make a supportive contribution to the ongoing consultation on the draft Airports National Policy Statement (NPS).

Until the 25th of May 2017, the Government will consult across the country on the draft NPS.  The Government will take into account those consultation responses and provide the House of Commons an opportunity to vote on a final version of the NPS this coming winter.

Heathrow is trying to mobilise support for its third runway plan, chosen by the Government as its preferred option for aviation capacity expansion, but now subject to this consultation, and has produced an online tool to help supporters comment.

To read the Government’s draft Airports National Policy Statement: new runway capacity and infrastructure at airports and the South East of England, find out more about the consultation and who to contact with queries about it , or submit a more detailed response, visit their website.

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