Heathrow Hub suggests they deal with noise

Heathrow Hub say new research indicates theirs is the best option for expanding the UK’s aviation capacity.

Heathrow Hub is the proposal to extend the northern runway at Heathrow, rather than building another entirely new runway.

The team behind the proposal say that the recent report by the Mayor of London, claimed that Heathrow Airport’s own third runway proposal should be dropped on environmental grounds, such as noise. But, they say, the report failed to mention their proposal which they maintain already deals with most of the concerns raised by Mr Johnson.

Now they say their new research suggests that a third runway expansion would require up to 30% of planes arriving to cross in the air in order to land at whichever runway is closest
to the terminals they need. They believe the resulting complex flight paths would bring large areas of London into the noise footprint for the first time, as aircraft crossed overhead.

They say Heathrow Hub’s proposal to extend the existing northern runway is much simpler and brings no new communities into the noise footprint. Heathrow Hub has also advocated an end to night quota flights arriving before 6am.

Heathrow Hub also believes that the third runway’s complex new flight paths increase the risk that it could face legal challenge.

Jock Lowe, Director of Heathrow Hub, says: “Boris Johnson is right to raise these environmental concerns, which is why we have addressed them. Our compelling research demonstrates the third runway presents a major environmental and political problem because it would bring significant new communities into the noise footprint. By contrast, our cheaper and simpler proposal to extend the existing runway would not do so.”

Mr Lowe added: “As for Gatwick, the Mayor is right. It is not a hub and is just in the wrong place for the majority of the country.”

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