Heathrow Hub submits new costs

New detailed cost estimates from Heathrow Hub’s show it could cost significantly less than a third runway, according to the company behind the proposal.

The new analysis, submitted to the Department for Transport, shows Heathrow Hub’s estimate of the cost of the scheme has reduced to £9.7 billion, a third less than Heathrow Airport’s own estimate for their third runway of £15.6 billion.

Heathrow Hub say their proposal is uniques as it can be phased. Phase One – extending the runway and implementing local road changes, including to the M25 – would cost around £3.8bn, they say.

The overall cost of expansion is important to passengers and airlines as higher costs would mean higher passenger charges. They say Phase 1 of their proposal increases
the airports capacity by c.70,000 aircraft movements whilst allowing average user charges
to remain the same as today at approximately £20 per passenger.

Jock Lowe, Director of Heathrow Hub commented: “The simplicity of Heathrow Hub’s plan, which requires far less land and is much less disruptive to existing local facilities, means that costs are dramatically lower than those for a third runway. For example our plans would not see the M25 disrupted at all while the modifications are completed.”

“Another major advantage of our scheme over Heathrow Airport’s is that construction can be phased, meaning that costs can be spread and runway capacity released only as noise and air quality targets are met and demand requires.”

They say their Heathrow Hub plan “remains the cheapest and easiest way for the UK government to deliver additional aviation capacity where it is most needed.”

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