Heathrow Hub slam Boris plans

heathrow hub may 2014The former pilot leading the Heathrow Hub bid to ease the aviation capacity crunch by extending Heathrow’s runways has criticised the Mayor of London’s plans to close the airport.

s submission to the Commission: The mayor is playing fast and loose with the jobs of at least 100,000 people by threatening to close Heathrow.”

“By suggesting they move house or commute at least 3hrs a day to a new airport or change jobs he is failing to address the very real cost in human and economic terms of his plans.”

“Furthermore, by persisting in ignoring our proposal which, by extending the existing northern runway brings no new people into the noise footprint, he is grossly exaggerating the potential impact of expansion at Heathrow. When you take into account newer quieter planes and the use of curved or two-stage approaches, an expanded Heathrow would actually be quieter than it is now.”

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