Heathrow Hub keeps pushing

The leader of the Heathrow Hub bid to expand the Airport has written to the Financial Times to highlight what he desribes as “the perverse regulatory incentives which caused Heathrow Airport’s shareholders to veto our cheaper, simpler, quieter scheme for expansion”.

Heathrow Hub were one of the three options for aviation capacity expansion reviewed by the Davies Commission. They proposed rather than building a new runway – Heathrow’s preferred option – they would extend the northern runway.

They argue that this is cheaper, involves less upheaval for locals and for infrastructure as it avoids rerouting the M25 and does not require the demolition of the Colne energy from waste facility.

Lowe suggests in his letter that the main reason his scheme was rejected was that Heathrow Airport would not issue a “letter of comfort” to the government to say that if they chose it as their preferred option, it would be implemented. Without the co-operation of the existing airport, clearly runway extension is a non-starter. Heathrow Hub continue to promote their scheme.


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