Heathrow expansion “would help UK”

heathrow control tower sunsetThe British Chambers of Commerce have set out the benefits that an expanded Heathrow could bring to regions and nations across the UK.

BCC launched a new report – Heathrow: A national asset – which showcases businesses from across the UK ranging from the Liverpool School of English to HiBreeds – an egg exporter based in the East of England – who explain why Heathrow is important to them and what expansion would mean for their future growth.

The report shows that businesses of all sizes from a wide-range of sectors, from manufacturers to high-skilled service industries, benefit from a successful and competitive UK hub airport.

Heathrow Airport says that what all the businesses have in common is the need for the international links that only Heathrow can provide.

Successful regional airports are vital to providing connectivity for the UK’s regions and nations –by feeding into the hub so that businesses can reach long haul destinations Additionally, say Heathrow, increasing runway capacity at Heathrow would reduce ticket prices for passengers, allow new airlines to compete in the market and open up access to new routes.

As part of its recent submission to the independent Airports Commission, Heathrow has committed, should a third runway be approved, to ensure the whole of the UK feels the benefit by working with airlines and Government to deliver better air and rail links between Heathrow and the UK’s nations and regions.

Flights that should be coming into the UK are instead flying to other European and Middle Eastern hubs because Heathrow is full. Only last week, Garuda confirmed that they had chosen Amsterdam as their hub airport for Europe, with the Dutch economy benefiting from direct links to Indonesia, a market of 800 million people.

Heathrow’s Chief Executive Heathrow Colin Matthews said: “Heathrow expansion is often seen as a local issue to be decided by local councils and local MPs. But, this new report shows Heathrow benefits the whole of the UK.

“A third runway is the best way to connect businesses across the UK’s nations and regions to overseas growth markets. It would allow business throughout Britain to grow exports and boost trade.”

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