Heathrow East on track despite T5 troubles

BAA was insisting this week that the £3.9bn programme to revamp the rest of the airport would not be affected by the difficulties at T5, although the redevelopment depends on BA moving all its operations into the new terminal.

BAA told New Civil Engineer that the plans for T1, T2, T3 and T4, already approved by the CAA, were intact, and that work on ‘Heathrow East’ – the new terminal to replace T1 and T2 – would continue as planned.

It is contingent on BA moving flights from T4 to T5 on April 30 – the space at T4 is required to move other airlines out of T1 and T2. This date has been queried in some quarters, given the widely publicised baggage handling problems, but BAA say they are still working to that date.

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