Heathrow cargo soars

Heathrow Airport, American Airlines 777 on stand during cargo loading, May 2013.

Heathrow’s cargo volumes surged 6% in September on the back of growth to East Asia and Latin America (Brazil up 18%, China up 13% and Mexico 7%).

Heathrow is Britain’s largest port, accounting for almost 30% of all UK exports by value outside the EU last year while Gatwick served only 0.2%.

Heathrow also welcomed a record number of passengers in September, with 6.8 million travelling through the UK’s hub airport. Emerging market passenger growth was also strong, with China up 7% and Mexico and India both up 5%.

Larger, quieter and more efficient aircraft continued to be a driver for growth in passenger volumes which were up 0.4% in September as airlines deploy more and more new generation Airbus A380s, A350s and Boeing 787s at Heathrow.

Also in the month, the Scottish Government backed a third runway at Heathrow, joining the Welsh Government and Northern Ireland’s DUP in backing Heathrow expansion.

The Airport said that the end of EU regulation when the UK leaves the Union offers them an opportunity to create new slots for “Brexit Boost Routes” including new domestic connections such as Humberside, Dundee, Newquay or Liverpool and new long-haul trade routes to growth markets such as Osaka, Kochi, Wuhan and Quito. Heathrow also plans to boost domestic services by extending the £10 discount on all departing UK flights and bringing forward to 2021 £10m in start-up capital to support new UK routes

Heathrow CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “Expanding our country’s largest port will give Britain’s businesses the best connected trading network in the world. We’ll show that we’re confident about our future and determined to make a success of Brexit.

“We’ve had the debate on airport capacity, we’ve heard all the arguments and the independent evidence is conclusive – Heathrow expansion will make Britain stronger and fairer for everyone. Now is the time to make the right choice for Britain and back Heathrow.”

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