HCA launches framework for community engagement

sir bob kerslakeThe HCA has set out its commitment to community engagement, and how it will utilise its Single Conversation business model to “empower communities”. They say this will create places where people want to live and work the Agencys key objective.

For People and Places: our approach to Community Engagement, launched last weekend, sets out the HCA’s approach to embedding community engagement in housing and regeneration delivery, and gives “ten guiding principles” for community engagement to “guide the HCAs approach and those of its partners”.
The HCAs says it will ensure that requirements for community engagement in strategies, programmes and projects are an integral part of its investment appraisal process.

Key to this, they say, will be the Single Conversation, the first point at which the HCA will look to see that any Local Investment Plans and Agreements are informed by a “robust community engagement strategy”.

HCA chief executive Sir Bob Kerslake (pictured) said: Our Single Conversation approach, in essence, means delivery in partnership; in other words, enabling housing and regeneration activities to be more joined up between the public, private and voluntary sectors. Community engagement is a vital link in this chain, and must sit right at the heart of any decision-making”.

We envisage this policy will be a valuable guide to local authorities and our partners, and show how thriving communities require a bottom-up approach to be successful. We believe people and communities should have the opportunity to be involved at the level they feel most comfortable with and at the most appropriate time. Longer term, encouraging community engagement will improve the quality of peoples lives, and that of their communities.

He added: Our ten guiding principles arent exhaustive we take a flexible approach to how they are delivered, in that we adjust our methods to suit the needs and opportunities of each individual area and its people.

This issue, among many others, will be discussed at Place West London on October 13, in a session entitled: “Housing regeneration letting the people lead”. Inluding speakers from BURA, and LB Brent, this session will use the example of South Kilburn in letting communities determine the future of their own Place. We’ll explore what’s being learned, and what can be applied elsewhere.

See full details of this and many other sessions in the full programme.

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