Havelock Estate: developer needed

LB Ealing is looking for a developer partner for the regeneration of the Havelock Estate in Southall.

The estate is one of the largest in the borough, with 845 homes. The Council has identified three key areas for improvement; better transport links and access, better layout of housing blocks and the potential to make Havelock part of the wider regeneration of Southall.

The plans prioritise the renewal of the flats to the north and south of the estate, which are in the worst condition. Councillor Hitesh Tailor, cabinet member for housing, told the Ealing Gazette: “The Havelock estate was built in a piecemeal manner in the 1950s and 1970s. Many of the homes fall well short of the standard of accommodation our tenants should expect in the twenty-first century. This is the first step in the regeneration process, and a developer will help us achieve our wider aims for regeneration of achieving active sustainable communities.”

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