Harrow wetland open

Queensbury Park has opened a new wetland area around the Kenton Brook.

The council describes the wetland as “an important milestone in the development of green and blue spaces in urban London”. It is the result of joint work between Harrow Council, Thames 21, Thames Water’s Community Investment Fund, and the Environmental Agency, and has involved restoration works turning the land into a wetland with a park.

Following two years construction and landscaping, the new park and wetlands now include restoration of the Kenton Brook and flood storage.

Portfolio holder for environment, Cllr Graham Henson said: “We are pleased to be bringing back unused open space for everyone to use and enjoy. Not only is (this) a place to relax, walk or enjoy a scenic view, but it will also help prevent flooding in the areas.”

Vicky D’Souza, Project Officer at Thames21 said: “This new wetland in Harrow is a big win for London’s wildlife and communities. Many wetlands have been lost over the years, but they are such a crucial part of our environment.”

Thames21, whose work in the area has been funded by Thames Water Community Investment Fund, has also been working with the council to connect locals to this new wetland. With a mission to put healthy rivers at the heart of community life, Thames21 has offered Harrow residents the chance to get involved with practical volunteering, community training, fun events and a free curriculum linked-programme for schools.

Similar works are also being carried out at Stanmore Marsh and proposals are in place to do similar projects at Newton Park and Headstone Manor.

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