Harrow & Wealdstone dispersal zones extended

Dispersal zones in Harrow Town Centre and Wealdstone have been extended following public backing.

The Council and the police this week signed new partnership orders that will prolong dispersal zones in the areas. Within the zones, police have the power to split up and move on groups of people suspected of anti-social behaviour.

Recent police surveys of residents, businesses, ward panel chairs, and ward councillors, revealed overwhelming support for them. Of those polled in Wealdstone, 83% believed that people have been encouraged to use the area more often since the dispersal order started and 95% wanted to see them continue. In Harrow town centre, 96% of respondents backed the extension.

The zones were set up in 2009 and have lead to significant reductions in criminal damage and drugs-related activity. 

The orders extend the powers until the end of September.

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