Harrow turn on Crossrail levy

LB Harrow are likely to campaign against the Crossrail levy, feeling it will disadvantage the Borough.

Speaking to the Harrow Times, Cllr Keith Ferry, the planning portfolio holder, said the £35 per sqm levy could spoil Harrow’s chances of attracting development, and that only three other London councils stand to gain less from Crossrail than Harrow.

Harrow Council now wants to campaign against the levy and, in the Times report, claims to have the backing of other councils.

Mr Ferry said: “Harrow will be paying a lot of money but won’t be getting any benefit out of it. If this goes through it will virtually wipe out any development in Harrow.”

“We will be contributing to Crossrail which will benefit places like Ealing which will suck all the benefit away from Harrow, so we will actually be paying for our own demise. People will think if you are going to have to pay this sort of money then you will have to go and build a headquarters somewhere you can benefit from Crossrail.”

He reasons that the levy will force developers to invest close to Crossrail stations, rather than in Harrow, Waltham Forest, Sutton and Merton, the four Boroughs reported to be least likely to benefit from the new cross-London line.

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