Harrow Town Centre redevelopment hits opposition

A public meeting organised on Saturday (April 12), organised by a Labour GLA candidate, attracted around 100 people, most of whom were opposed to the Town Centre plans in some way or other, reports the Harrow Times.

The scale of the development, the use of open land for resiting the College, disabled access provisions to the new pedestrian bridge across the railway, and a perceived lack of parking were all popular criticisms. However, the small scale of the meeting may encourage those in favour of the development, which will be a significant remodelling of Harrow-on-the-Hill.

The Council aims to use the development to safeguard the Town Centre’s status as a major retail centre in the face of the Westfield development, by enabling easier connection north-south across the tracks. It should also make it easier to derive benefit from the Wembley regeneration, through making Harrow-on-the-Hill a more persuasive transport interchange, just five minutes from Wembley.

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