Harrow recruiting for design panel

Harrow Council has launched a “Better Design” programme, which aims to improve the quality of design and architecture in new developments across Harrow.

The programme includes a new Panel to scrutinise major developments for quality during the planning process.

The council say that since they hope around 5,500 new homes will be built in the borough over the next decade or so, along with schools, libraries, and workspace, they want to drive the best quality design they can.

Harrow Council itself is aiming to build more than 1800 new homes for sale and 600 homes for rent homes on its own land, along with a new civic centre, libraries, social care facilities and potentially a new leisure centre.

Cllr Keith Ferry,  Harrow Council’s Portfolio Holder for business, planning and regeneration said: “We’re determined to build a better Harrow – and that means better designed buildings with the right aspect and facilities to grow communities. This ‘Better Design’ programme is going to help us do just that, with top class training for our in-house teams and expert advice to our planners and Planning Committee.”

The Council’s new Better Design Panel will consist of as many as 25 experts and look at all significant schemes put forward in the borough, both before and after they apply for planning permission. All significant development in Harrow will be eligible for design review, including large residential schemes, schools, public buildings, infrastructure projects and projects in the public realm.

The council is recruiting for the panel.

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