Harrow puts cash in to cleaning

Cleaner streets, a blitz on “grot spot” eyesores, and parks restored to their proper condition are all part of a new package of environmental measures unveiled by Harrow Council.

Town centre cleaning and support for a relaunched Neighbourhood Champions scheme are also being ramped up as part of a new initiative to make Harrow one of the cleanest and safest areas in the capital, an issue prioritised by new leader Cllr Susan Hall.

The measures are backed by investment of more than £500,000 and will come into force over the next few weeks.

Key measures include: £100,000 for the improved maintenance of parks, £80,000 for a five-person blitz team and dedicated street cleansing team to tackle litter hot spots, £60,000 for a rapid response clean-up team, and £50,000 to support the Neighbourhood Champions scheme.

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