Harrow ‘limited’ say Council

Harrow_town_centre_2 LB Harrow worries that their Town Centre is under serious threat from competing retail options.

In a recent report the borough’s range of shops were criticised along with Harrow’s ‘absence’ of cultural facilities. Now the Harrow Observer reports the centre’s future now hangs in the balance as planning applications are put on hold due to the credit crunch.

The report reads: "Although one of London’s largest shopping centres and the most important employment location in the borough, Harrow town centre is not fulfilling its potential as a Metropolitan Centre. The range and choice of shops is limited, there is an absence of civic and cultural facilities, the evening economy caters for a narrow age-group and the public realm is outdated and uninspiring."

Rents in Harrow are below those in nearby Watford and Brent Cross.

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