Harrow is bastion of optimism

Harrow is home to the most business optimism in West London, and is one of the most optimistic places in London.

According to a survey of business confidence published by Business Link, businesses in LB Harrow are the fifth most optimistic set in London.  42% of Harrow businesses are significantly optimistic about their prospects for the next twelve months.

Hillingdon is among the most pessimistic, with just 29% of businesses rating their optimism that high. This is just 3% better than the most pessimistic place in London which is Richmond, where only 26% of businesses are significantly optimistic.

Greenwich is the most optimistic borough, with half of businesses based there showing significant optimism, followed by Bexley (49%), Waltham Forest (45%) and Redbridge (43%). Ealing scored 34%, Hounslow and Brent both scored 36% and Hammersmith & Fulham 38%.

Harrow is also the least affected by the recession, with 33% of businesses the highest in London saying the recession has had no effect on them. No other London Borough has more than a quarter of businesses who can say that.


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