Harrow housing contract split will help local economy

LB Harrow says its decision to split its housing maintenance contract into chunks will benefit the local economy.

The contract, formerly held by Kier, is now split in to four chunks. This has allowed the council to award them to smaller companies, some of which are based in the borough.

Rupert Slade from family-owned building firm Slade who will perform the central Harrow area of the contract, said his company had been working in Harrow for 40 years after it was set up by his father.

“Many of our suppliers are local, 90% of our operatives live in Harrow and 70% live in Harrow council housing.” he said.

“Investing in local companies will help to bring economic growth to Harrow both in terms of money coming in to the borough and jobs.”

Vince Kingsley is Head of Operations for Quality Heating and lives in Harrow. He said: “We employ local people, all our suppliers are local and we provide a local service.”

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