Harrow DPD goes to consultation

map dpdHarrow Council have put their Development Management Development Plan Document (DPD) for an “intensification area” around Harrow and Wealdstone out to consultation.  

The Council and the GLA are preparing an Area Action Plan which aims to guide regeneration and development within the “Harrow and Wealdstone Intensification Area” – which the council intends to brand as the “Heart of Harrow”. The Intensification Area includes Harrow town centre, large parts of Wealdstone and the Station Road corridor that links the two centres.

The Local Development Framework (LDF) Core Strategy envisages the provision of 2,500 new homes and 3,000 jobs within this area in the period up to 2026.

The Council appointed East Architects, supported by GVA Grimley and Alan Baxter Associates, to carry out a masterplanning study to inform this stage of area planning. This study identified and assessed, in consultation with stakeholders, the development options available.

Four different options to manage growth and development in the Intensification Area have been produces, and the consultation, which runs until June 24, now seeks views on these options before one is chosen as “preferred”.

The four options are: developing all three areas (Harrow Town Centre, Wealdstone Town Centre, and the Station Road corridor), ignoring the different characters of each and producing the most new homes and jobs; focussing on Harrow town centre, achieving housing targets through “tall, flatted developments”; aiming to keep the existing character of the three areas and focussing development in the town centre and Wealdstone with improvements to the road and street scene in Station Road; and enhancing the identities of the town centre and Wealdstone, with the latter keeping its industrial character and generating new jobs.

Councillor Keith Ferry, responsible for planning, and economic development, told the Harrow Times: “The key word for it is vision. The council cannot afford to build any of this stuff so we have to rely on developers.”

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