Harrow Arts Centre plans progress

Harrow Arts Centre is about to undergo a major programme of renewal, which could transform the popular cultural venue and its surrounding site.

The Arts Centre is a key part of Harrow’s cultural strategy, on which a consultation has recently closed as it progresses towards adoption. Following a successful bid to the Good Growth fund, which saw the Centre granted £760,000 added to the £1m committed to the project by the council, there will be refurbishment work to the Studio, Boiler House, and workshops to bring them back in to use, and add around 500sqm of new space, incuding artists studios. DKCM have been engaged to masterplan the site, and the council expects hybrid plans to be submitted during 2019.

These will look to add more leisure uses to the site, which also includes the neighbouring swimming pool, and potential introduce some new homes.

Other redundant buildings, like the classrooms and rehearsal space, will also be brought back in to use.

The Elliott Hall has recently had its capacity expanded from 438 to 568, and hosts over 100 shows a year. The site is used for 10,000 classes, and welcomes 230,000 visitors each year.

The site will also be home to the Sharp Theatre Academy, which will offer a three year diploma to those aged 16 ad over, and be the centre of Harrow’s cultural outreach, with a Programme Manager running three cetres around borough hosting a producer who will commission programmes and grant funds to community organisations.


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