Harrow agrees CIL

LB Harrow has agreed proposals for its Community Infrastructure Levy.

The Community Infrastructure Levy will replace the present Section 106 regime, and, says the council, will give more choice and flexibility in how infrastructure is funded acros the borough. The council say an estimated £20million-£40million could be raised through CIL towards the funding of infrastructure over the next 15 years.

CIL money can be used to fund infrastructure improvement anywhere in the borough. The levy on developers replaces a previous regime that restricted investment to infrastructure within the immediate location of the proposed development.

Harrow Council Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economic Development, Cllr Keith Ferry, said: “We are eager to introduce the Harrow Community Infrastructure Levy to ensure the many benefits that development can bring are shared across the entire community.

“Neighbourhoods will reap the rewards from growth and money can be allocated to local areas that require investment the most.”

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