Harpley heads for GLA

Hounslow Council’s Chief Executive, Mary Harpley, is to move to the Greater London Authority to become its Chief Officer.

Harpley has been CEO at Hounslow for seven years, and will move to the GLA in September 2018. As Chief Officer, Mary will act as the GLA’s statutory Head of Paid Service and becomes the first woman to lead the GLA staff as its most senior officer. She replaces Jeff Jacobs, who has retired as Head of Paid Service after serving seven years in the role.

Councillor Steve Curran, Leader of Hounslow Council said: “I congratulate Mary on her appointment to this exciting role.

“Mary has worked with (members) to deliver two ambitious Corporate Plans which between them have secured significant improvements, including: huge improvements in the quality of our adults’ and children’s services; excellent collaborative work with schools to secure new school places, and good and outstanding judgements in our primary schools; our delivery of Council/social housing; on-the-ground delivery of our regeneration ambitions in Hounslow and Brentford town centres; our very close working with colleagues in health, particularly our GP colleagues in Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group and our colleagues at West Middlesex Hospital; our reshaping of the Council in light of cuts to our grants from central Government; and our preparation for our move early next year to Hounslow House and the positive changes that will bring. Mary has also been instrumental in the creation of our trading companies and the service improvements which have already come from these.”


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