Harlesden community wins backing from Transport for London

Transport for London have allocated nearly £4 million to improve Harlesden town centre, in response to the efforts of local people.

Working with Brent Council, the community has published a charter setting out how they want to see the area improved. One of London’s liveliest town centres’s and home to a rich mix of communities, Harlesden suffers badly from traffic. The Harlesden Charter presents a vision of how the place could be humanized through a series of achievable projects.

Leroy Simpson is chair of the Harlesden Town Team, which drew up the charter. He says: “This is brilliant news from Transport for London. Decision after decision over the years has led to increases in high street traffic and an unhealthy environment. No one would design a town centre this way. The charter sets out our priorities, and the people of Harlesden are working together to achieve them.”

Louis Theroux, the broadcaster, has been chosen as Harlesden’s town champion. “I’ve lived in Harlesden nearly ten years,” Theroux says. “In so many ways it is a wonderful place, full of energy and life. But it isn’t living up to its potential. The roads are decaying, the buildings are dilapidated; some of the finest buildings are derelict. We are besieged by a constant flow of traffic. Working together we can tame the traffic, create new public spaces, care better for our buildings and streets, and promote a sense of community.”

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