Hammond rules out Old Oak

Transport secretary Philip Hammond has ruled out the idea of a Crossrail interchange for HS2 at Old Oak – which he termed a “wet surburban station somewhere in North West London”.

He said the interchange was not an option, despite a a report by former Conservative transport secretary Lord Mawhinney which recently said it would be an excellent way of linking Heathrow to the proposed High Speed 2 rail network, and give better options to travellers than inking to Heathrow via Euston.

Hammond is reported to have said: Lug your heavy bags down a couple of escalators along 600m of corridor and then change trains at a wet suburban station somewhere in north west London. That is not an option. He then went on to say that a link from HS2 to Heathrow was something the Government was keen on, and that it could be at a location away from the Airport.

Hammond was addressing the Commons transport select committee about plans to connect the airport into a new high speed network.

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