Hammond “misses the point” at Old Oak

An Estates Gazette columnist says the Transport Secretary has “missed the point” in announcing that there will be no Crossrail/HS2 interchange at Old Oak.

Jackie Sadek, former CEO of Park Royal Partnership and now Head of Regeneration at CBRE, says in her EG blog that Hammond has “missed the point of not just linking HS2 to major transport connections but seriously unlocking a major developable site in public sector ownership, tapping into the economy of Park Royal and putting homes along underused canal sides”.

She is referring to his recent announcement that linking HS2 to Crossrail at Old oak common was “not an option”, saying no-one would want to change lines at a “wet surburban station somewhere in North West London”.

She goes on to describe Old Oak as “the greatest transport hub, still to be discovered by some visionary property developer who would then clean up by unlocking this hidden gem”.
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