Hammersmith Society continues criticism of King Street

Local architecture lobby group the Hammersmith Society has restated its concerns over a bridge in the Grainger/Helical Bar development.

However, Angela Clarke, chairman of the Hammersmith Society, speaking at the Group’s AGM, has said the group are not in favour of the bridge, and says people do not realise the amount of space it would take up in Furnival Gardens. She said: “There will be too much of an impact on Furnival Gardens.

“I was walking there earlier this month, during the hot weather, and at 6pm you could hardly see the gardens, because there were hundreds of young people sitting there, enjoying the gardens. Anything that makes that space any smaller is just not on.”

The group also has reservations over the height of the proposed developments, and while they welcomed "the demolition of the ugly 1970s town hall extension and the proposal to open up the north elevation to King Street by reinstating an open landscaped piazza", they criticise the scheme for failing to provide "particularly high quality architecture".

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