Hammersmith reveal parks plans

LB Hammersmith & Fulham aims to “breathe fresh life” into eight of the boroughs parks.

The Council has revealed design plans for Marcus Garvey Park, Hurlingham Park, Cathnor Park, Brook Green, Margravine Gardens, Hammersmith Park, Old Oak Common, Arthur Henderson House and Pelham House in the Lytton Estate and Ravenscourt Park.

The Ravenscourt Park plans include play equipment tailored specifically for disabled children, such as a climbing forest with a low net, a wide slide and a cradle-nest swing.

Over £1m has been earmarked by the council to spend on natural and adventurous play equipment over the next two years, embracing natural features such as grassy mounds, sand and climbing boulders to give children more natural opportunities to play freely and creatively.

The new plans incorporate hills to climb up and roll down, interesting pathways to follow, logs to balance on, climbimg towers, nets and much more.

Work will begin in March and all of the play areas are expected to be ready for use in time for the summer.

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