Hammersmith Highline launched

Hammersmith Highline is an ideas competition open to anyone organised by architect group West London Link and Hammersmith BID as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2019.

The aim is to find solutions that reimagine an area of disused railway in Hammersmith town centre to become a destination for residents, employees and visitors, drawing on inspiration from the New York Highline.

The judging panel is looking for both original ideas without limits and interesting schemes that are practical. For this reason, it is offering two prizes of £5000 each to encourage a variety of ideas that could be considered, from the fanciful to the deliverable.

The solutions will aim to provide Hammersmith with a special attraction that will draw people in on its own right. It will give the town centre something special and unique, over and above what other town centres can offer, which is crucial in these times of changing high street usage. The organisers say it is vital that Hamersmith has a distinct offer and experience to lift them above other areas.

This site is seen as major town centre hub, with several multinational companies making Hammersmith their home, as well as a large and active residential community. Hammersmith is a growing area of regeneration, currently being looked at by both public and private investors with projects such as the Town Hall redevelopment. The organisers believe that now is the time for change and to present ground-breaking new visions for the town centre.

The theme of London Festival of Architecture 2019 is “Boundaries”; competitors are encouraged to address boundaries encountered in Hammersmith’s public realm, between public and private ownership, pedestrian and vehicle, and those imposed by topography and existing structures.

Access will be a major challenge as the site is hard to reach, with active railway lines (District & Piccadilly) running alongside the Highline site. Designs which have considered this carefully will be favourably judged.

Access and connectivity should be to the town centre, shopping centre and riverside, as well as creating an accessible destination for all. Kings Mall could be a potential access point, as there are two existing pedestrian bridges over the railway which could connect the shopping centre to the Highline, and to King Street beyond (see map below).

The Hammersmith Highline Competition is open to all – a background in design or built environment professions is not essential. There will also be a separate competition with entries from local primary schools.

All entries will be displayed at an Exhibition in Kings Mall shopping centre in central Hammersmith between 22nd – 30th June 2019. For more information, visit the Hammersmith BID website.


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