Hammersmith building sell-off agreed

LB Hammersmith & Fulham have agreed to allow the sale of a bundle of “underused” public buildings.

The decision to allow the sale was taken by the council’s Cabinet this week. It means the council can now sell the buildings – including Fulham Town Hall, and Palingswick House–¬†if they confirm that they want to, and the right price can be obtained. Council officials told the FUlham Chronicle the decision did not mean there would be a rush to dispose of them, and that work would continue to see if some of the¬†community groups who use the buildings concerned could raise the funds needed to take over the sites.

Council Leader Stephen Greenhalgh said: “The decision gives us a right to sell the properties, but what we will not contemplate as an administration is a firesale, putting them all up for auction next month. I make a personal commitment that we will continue to work with people to continue their service.”

See a full report from the Fulham Chronicle, or previous PWL coverage.

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