Half price parking for Tooting

Shoppers heading to Tooting town centre can enjoy half price parking as part of a new initiative launched by Wandsworth Council.

The town is hall has cut the hourly parking tariff in a key network of town centre streets from £2.30 to £1.10 as part of a six month pilot scheme. The move comes in response to pleas from local business leaders who have asked councillors to cut parking charges in order to attract shoppers and boost trade.

The roads affected include parts of Blakenham Road, Eswyn Road, Gassiot Road, Chasefield Road, Cowick Road, Coteford Street and Lessingham Avenue.

Transport spokesman Cllr Russell King said: “We want to do all we can to support local business and attract shoppers to the town centre.”

“We are also satisfied that these changes can be accommodated without causing any undue parking problems for residents of these streets. We would not have been able to agree to this change if they were going to suffer any adverse effect.”

The cost of the pilot scheme is estimated at £35,000 and its effect will be evaluated after six months.

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