Gunnersbury Park to be developed?

800pxthe_large_mansion_at_gunnersbu LB Hounslow and LB Ealing are to produce an options appraisal for Gunnerbury Park, according to reports.

The Ealing Gazette reports that the Gunnersbury Park Regeneration Board – which includes members of Ealing and Hounslow councils – is proposing a "significant acreage" in the south end of the park for "a small number of large high-spec houses".

This has raised a predictable stink among residents and opposition politicians. But, as the Councils say in a joint statement, the plans so far amount to no more than an options appraisal; "Alternative sources of public and private funding and sustainable uses for the park must be found, but there is no plan existing to sell off any of the park. A meeting of the Gunnersbury Park Regeneration Board on July 10 discussed ways forward and, in particular the development of an options appraisal".

"The appraisal will consider possible uses for the buildings and spaces and will be subject to full public consultation so that all issues are considered in the development of a masterplan for the site. The master plan will then be put in place to restore Gunnersbury Park as a sustainable, high quality park with varied uses, which serves the local community and the region whilst respecting its historic framework and fabric."

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