Greenpeace launch ‘fortress’ competition

Greenpeace have launched an architectural competition for a ‘fortress’ on the plot of land owned by various celebrities on the site of the proposed third runway.

Designers are invited to propose designs for a defendable fortress for the site – named “Airplot” by Greenpeace. “Greenpeace is now inviting professional designers and design teams to consider how to fortify and enhance the airplot so that if necessary, we can physically block
construction of a third runway”, says the competition brief.

Greenpeace say that while they hope the fortress never need be built, if plans for R3 progress, they are prepared to fund its construction as part of ‘peaceful direct action’ to prevent construction of a third runway.

While the judging panel is par composed of environmental activists, architects Peter Clegg and Neil Thomas, and landscape architect Martha Schwarz are also members.

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